About Us

"Stivan Ltd" is a Bulgarian company specialized in the production of sports and casual wear. The company was founded in 1992 as "Ivan Tenev." In the process of development and market expansion, the company received its present name "Stivan" LTD.

"Stivan" is synonymous of quality! We aim to offer customers only the -Good by Bulgarian market value as high-tech craftsmanship and quality materials. Approbated maintain partnerships with companies and suppliers from Bulgaria, France, Holland, Turkey and Italy.

"Stivan" Ltd. has many years of experience in producing professional sportswear. The company takes care of teams of several European teams: football, rugby, water polo, handball, volleyball, basketball, cycling and more. Cooperate long and successful clubs in Europe. "Stivan" provides teams and Bulgarian teams in Haskovo, Sofia, Varna, Kardzhali, as well as take care of their fan lines. Bulgarian missions in Afghanistan and Paralympic national team also trusted "Stivan."

Looking at the development "Stivan" create brand S-LINE. Through its quality sportswear is available for free Market. We carried comfort and security enjoyed by professional athletes in the attire of the Bulgarians. The brand offers  new models every season. The aesthetics and comfort of S-LINE can be enjoyed by all. The market offers men, women and children's clothing.

"Stivan" has its own base. In addition to manufacturing and office space, the company supports sports center with football pitch. We support the development of children's sport in Bulgaria.


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